Summer Programs

Technology-Based Credit Recovery Program

Huntsville City Schools offers technology- based credit recovery in summer school for students enrolled in HCS grades 6-12 who failed a course with an average of 40 or above.  Instruction will be delivered through web-based instructional software and may also include targeted instruction supervised and managed by a highly qualified teacher.  The student must complete the prescribed modules for the designated course and pass the exam with a minimum of seventy percent (70%).  The highest grade that a student may earn through credit recovery is a 70.  Students wishing to earn a higher grade (or for students who failed a course with less than a 40), must complete the entire course.    For more information regarding summer school or credit recovery, you may contact your school counselor. 

Credit Enhancement Courses

Huntsville City Schools offers the following credit enhancement courses during the summer program (tuition and fees may apply):

            Health 0.5

            Driver and Traffic Safety Education 0.5

            Career Preparedness 1.0

Registration for summer programs typically begins the first week in April.

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