Digital Learning

Huntsville City Schools’ move to an all-digital learning environment reflects 18 months of research, implementation and measurement. The shift has created educational opportunities that have impacted students in every grade. Examples of positive impacts include gains in student proficiency as measured by state and national assessments, and increased graduation rates. 

Under the leadership of Superintendent Casey Wardynski, positive benefits of the all digital learning environment have been seen across the city. In partnership with the City of Huntsville, public Wi-Fi areas have been expanded, and training programs on the use of digital tools have been provided. This progress in the city of Huntsville has given students the opportunity to be digital citizens both in and out of school. This increased digital proficiency has enabled more opportunities for our students to be recognized on a national and state level.  In addition, this digital access has provided tools that enable teachers to give real-time feedback to both their students and administrators. The digital initiative is a key factor in preparing our students, upon graduation, to excel in higher education and the 21st century world of work.  

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