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Procurement Department

The Procurement Department assists instructional and operational departments through the administration of substantially all purchasing and procurement activities at the Huntsville City Board of Education.  The Department’s mission includes, in part; the solicitation and procurement of necessary and appropriate goods and services for the benefit of students, faculty and staff at fair and reasonable costs, within guidelines prescribed by the Huntsville City School Board of Education and the State of Alabama.

The Procurement Department oversees and/or administers substantially all purchasing functions to include:

  • Review and approval of purchase orders for acquisition of goods or services
  • Management of Bid Processes pursuant to and in accordance with the Alabama Bid Laws [both Title 16 (Non-Public Works Projects) and Title 39 (Public Works Projects)]
  • Advises and supports current and potential District vendors in matters related to ‘Becoming A Vendor’
  • Serves as an advocate and advisor for District administration and school office personnel in connection with purchasing activities



Supplier Information

In order to become a supplier of goods and/or services to the District, an entity must first register as a supplier.  Your registration will acknowledge your interest in working with the Huntsville City School Board, and will notify the Procurement Department of your entity’s product, service, profession, or area of expertise for consideration in future Requests for Quotation/Proposal. Register with the District.

You may also:

  • Access information regarding;
    • Current Open Bids and Request for Quote (RFQ),   Open Bid/RFQs
    • Prior Closed Bids and Request for Quote (RFQ),      Closed Bid/RFQs
    • The Alabama State Bid and Procurement Laws,       Alabama Bid Law
    • Federal E-Verify Rules, Regs. and Requirements,     E-Verify                        

Procurement Director

Pam Phillips

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