HCS Educator Named State PLTW 2016 Teacher of the Year

Bonnie Garrett, the PLTW / STEM instructor at Westlawn Middle School has been named the “2016 Alabama PLTW Gateway Teacher of the Year.”  Garrett, who teaches career and technical STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, & Math) courses as a part of Project Lead the Way, was recognized for her inspirational classroom instruction to her students.  The award was presented at the PLTW State Conference in Auburn, Alabama.

Through PLTW, Garrett provides her students with lessons that are engaging and relevant, so that “kids can go out in our city and see, hear, and experience how things function in the real world.”  Many of her students who chose to take her classes in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade, go on to take an engineering or biomedical pathway in high school, because “they feel as if they can do or accomplish anything.”

Bonnie Garrett is a national Master PLTW teacher, and has received teaching awards from the National Education Association, Alabama Air Force Association, and is a past Milken Family Foundation National Educator Award Recipient for Alabama.

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