Huntsville City Schools Celebrate Veterans Day

November 11, 2016

Schools across the district have held Veterans Day programs over the last week to honor those who have done so much for our country.  Celebrations included concerts, performances, and guest speakers.  Many of the schools invited family and community members that are veterans to be a part of the programs.  Jones Valley Elementary is one of the many schools that held one of these programs to honor those who have served our country in the armed forces.

On November 4th, students and faculty welcomed retired Colonel Scott Rauer, who spoke to the students about sacrifice and determination.   During the program, fifth grade students also performed and Jones Valley Elementary’s very own Caroline Brooks sang the national anthem.

Several students spoke with us about what the program, and Veterans Day itself, means to them.  Darreon Penn, a fifth grade student, said that “I can celebrate my uncle, aunt, and mom” which have all served.  Other students, such as Claire East, focused on “saying thank you for […] what they did for our country.”  Students were joined by other area veterans and used the program as an opportunity to honor their hard work and sacrifice.

Colonel Rauer also spoke to students about not only honoring the veterans themselves, but “making sure you honor those things they served to protect.”  He went on to say that the program was a great way to “pass something on to the kids, to make sure that they understand the importance of service and being a veteran.”

Other Schools Which Held Veterans Day Programs:
  • Challenger Elementary
  • Challenger Middle
  • Hampton Cove Elementary
  • Monte Sano Elementary
  • Westlawn Middle
  • Goldsmith-Schiffman Elementary
  • Grissom High
  • Rolling Hills Elementary
  • Huntsville Junior High
  • Mt. Gap P-8
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary
  • Chaffee Elementary
  • Whitesburg P8
  • Farley Elementary
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