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Huntsville Virtual Academy

Registration for Huntsville Virtual Academy second semester is now open.

HVA LogoHuntsville City Schools is pleased to offer a virtual learning experience for students in kindergarten through twelfth grade who are zoned for Huntsville City Schools and have completed enrollment. Students may choose to continue in the traditional learning environment or enroll in a virtual learning program with Huntsville Virtual Academy, HVA. 

The virtual curriculum features courses in mathematics, science, language arts, world languages, social studies, as well as electives. In collaboration with the school counselor, virtual school students will have the opportunity to select a virtual pathway to meet his/her learning goals. Students desiring a virtual, non-traditional learning environment are encouraged to apply.

The enrollment window for second semester of the 2020-2021 school year will open Monday, October 26, 2020 and close Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

All families who wish for their student to be in HVA the second semester must complete the Spring 2021 registration. This includes currently enrolled HVA students.

HVA is open to all students currently enrolled in HCS.

  • Students will be required to maintain course grade averages of 70% or higher to remain in Huntsville Virtual Academy.
  • Students with course averages below 70% will be contacted by school administration to schedule an in person academic support time to address non-mastery of standards.
  • Students who have not shown course mastery in the Huntsville Virtual Academy will be contacted by the school principal to discuss student support plans for the second semester.

Virtual Attendance Procedures:
  • Attendance is a combination of measures that indicates if a student is demonstrating adequate participation (and therefore attendance).
  • This not only includes the actual attendance hours in Huntsville City Schools' learning platform, but also lesson and assignment completion and communication with teachers/ school administration.
  • In order to be in full attendance with Huntsville City Schools, a student must:
    • Complete and submit course assignments in accordance with due dates to make adequate progress toward course completion.
    • Communicate with Huntsville City School staff as needed via learning management platform, telephone conversations, and email correspondence.
    • Adhere to the Huntsville City Schools calendar for attendance days; however, students may choose to work on non-instructional days as long as they are on pace and displaying content mastery in all courses. 

Additional Information:

With HVA, students will experience learning which occurs remotely with a Huntsville City Schools teacher, academic supports, and access to learning anywhere at anytime.  Since Huntsville Virtual Academy is a district-wide program, teacher assignments are subject to change from current teacher assignments. Students may be assigned a teacher from a school that is not their zoned school.

  • Huntsville Virtual Academy students will remain enrolled in their home school and will be able to participate in clubs and organizations at their zoned school.
  • They can also participate in athletics at their zoned school  (subject to Alabama High School Athletic Association eligibility.)
  • Students who graduate from high school while a HVA student will receive a diploma from Huntsville City Schools and are eligible for honors graduate designations.

For more information about Huntsville Virtual Academy, view the FAQ questions and answers below, email Beth Keller, or call her at 256-428-6901

Huntsville Virtual Academy FAQ

General Information
What will Huntsville Virtual Academy look like?

Students will enroll as a full-time virtual student taking a full course load. They will work on classes at the time which works best for them. They don’t have to work during the normal school hours.  They may work at their own pace under the guidance of a Huntsville City Schools Virtual Instructor.

Will the HVA student need to provide their own device?

No, Virtual Academy students will be issued a Huntsville City Schools laptop to use for learning.

Does the HVA follow the Huntsville City Schools academic calendar?

HVA operates on a standard semester system in accordance with the Huntsville City Schools’ academic calendar. Most high school classes are offered in a full year format or a modified block format.

What internet resources are available to families?

All school campuses are equipped with 300 yard wifi range, thanks to a partnership with AdTran and Huntsville Utilities. Additionally, HCS will deploy wifi-equipped buses into the community for families to access wifi.

Enrollment & Eligibility
What is the enrollment criteria for HVA?

The requirements for student enrollment are:

  • Student must be enrolled in a Huntsville City School
  • Student must be in grades kindergarten – 12th grade
  • Student must have consistent, daily access to the Internet
When is the deadline to enroll in Huntsville Virtual Academy?

The deadline to enroll for second semester is Wednesday, November 18, 2020.

When can a student change from virtual to traditional or vice-versa?

We ask for Huntsville Virtual Academy students to commit to a minimum of one semester. Changes in enrollment can be made at the beginning of a new semester.

Can magnet students enroll in HVA?

There will be a variety of virtual options for magnet students. Please contact the Office of Magnet Programs by email at magnet@hsv-k12.org or by phone at (256) 428-6987.

Can magnet students participate in athletics while enrolled in HVA?

Yes, magnet students are still able to participate in athletics under the previously set guidelines. 

Are Pre-K students eligible for Huntsville Virtual Academy?

Pre-K students are not offered the virtual option per guidance from the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education. 

Can students participate in specialized courses, extracurrilcular activities, and/or athletics?

Yes, Virtual Academy students can participate in athletics & extracurricular activities at their zoned school. The guidelines of AHSAA will be followed for all athletics.  Students who wish to participate in highly specialized courses, extracurriculars, or athletics should contact their home or magnet school to make arrangements for participating.

Can magnet students participate in clubs and/or magnet-specific extracurricular activities virtually?

Yes, each program will determine how the virtual student can participate in all magnet activities based on scheduling.

Does the HVA have any extracurricular or sports programs?

HVA students may participate in athletic and extracurricular programs at their zoned school. If a high school requires students to take specific athletic or fitness and conditioning courses, then participating HVA students will be required to take these classes on site as well.

Will my student lose their M2M transfer if they choose to enroll in HVA?

No, the M2M transfer will remain.  HVA students will remain as students in their M2M transfer school while attending HVA.

Curriculum & Instruction
What will class sizes look like in HVA?

Our goal is to create virtual classes that are similar to the traditional classroom size, based on student enrollment numbers in the Huntsville Virtual Academy. 

What grade levels are offered?

The Huntsville Virtual Academy will serve students Kindergarten through twelfth grade.

What does teaching and learning look like in HVA?

Students will log in to a learning management system to view coursework, engage in learning modules, watch instructional videos, engage with teachers and classmates, and complete assignments.

How does the virtual curriculum align with traditional curriculum?

Both the traditional and virtual curriculum are aligned with Alabama College and Career Ready standards.

How does the pacing in HVA work?

Assignments will be posted weekly giving students the opportunity to work at their own pace.

Will students be able to view instruction and complete assignments at different times?

Students can view recorded lessons once the lessons have been uploaded in Schoology.  Lessons will be available for viewing after the lessons have been conducted in real time sessions. Students can complete and submit assignments at different times. However, these assignments must be submitted by the due date issued by the classroom teacher.

Are Huntsville Virtual Academy teachers employees of Huntsville City Schools?

Yes. All lessons will be delivered internally by Huntsville City Schools teachers. 

Will HVA teachers be available to answer questions from students?

Yes. Teachers will host office hours in addition to engaging in live instruction with students for additional support.

What will be the home school for HVA Students?
  • Students will continue to attend their zoned school unless on an eligible transfer.
  • Students will be enrolled at their zoned school regardless of traditional student or virtual student status.
  • The application window for Majority-to-Minority transfers for 2020-21 is currently closed. The application window for 2021-22 will open November 15th for traditional and virtual students.
Are HVA students required to take state assessments?

Yes, all HVA students are required to take state mandated assessments on site at their zoned school.

What happens if a student fails a course?

To recover the credit, students may be required to attend summer school. All courses attempted or completed will be recorded on the student’s transcript and calculated in the cumulative GPA.

How many credits per year are HVA high school students required to take?

High school students are required to take at least eight credits per year. Four of the seven credits must be core classes (math, science, English, and social studies) unless the student has accumulated more core credits than is required for the student to remain on track for graduation. Students may be allowed to earn additional credits, not to exceed ten per year.

Do HVA students have face-to-face on-site requirements?

Yes, HVA students have face-to-face obligations for state-mandated assessments.  State mandated tests are taken on the campus of the school for which the student is zoned.

Will AP courses be offered?

Yes, students will be able to take AP courses through the Huntsville Virtual Academy.

Will HVA students be able to go to their home schools for elective classes?


Gifted & Talented Education (GATE)
Will HVA have GATE services?

Yes, HVA will provide GATE services to identified students via Schoology. These services will be aligned with those offered in traditional school with an emphasis on alternate, accelerated activities in ELA and Math. Teachers assigned to support the HVA caseload will meet virtually with students to support completion of alternate, accelerated assignments.

How often will my child receive GATE services in HVA versus traditional learning?

Gifted identified students will receive an equivalent number of alternate activities to follow state guidelines of three hours per week whether attending school traditionally or virtually. Gifted teachers will “push in” to traditional classrooms and meet virtually with HVA students to support students completing alternate, accelerated activities. Activities designed to build skills in creativity will be offered virtually.

Can my child be tested for GATE if attending HVA?

Yes, students attending HVA can be referred and tested. Assessments that can be administered virtually will be virtual while some assessments, such as IQ tests, will be completed in person by an HCS psychometrist at the student’s zoned school.

My child is in second grade. How will the universal screening for GATE services be completed at HVA?

All second grade child find gifted assessments will be administered virtually with the exception of IQ tests, which will be completed in person by an HCS psychometrist at the student’s zoned school.

Can my child attend HVA but go to in-person GATE at our neighborhood school?

Since the HVA students are assigned to the different caseload of the HVA gifted teacher, they can’t attend in-person GATE at their neighborhood school. They will attend the HVA GATE teacher’s classes virtually.

Which teacher will my child have for GATE in HVA?

Teachers across HCS, whose caseloads are smaller, will assume the HVA gifted caseload.

What will be taught in HVA GATE?

ELA, Math, and Creativity.

How will high flyers and gifted students be challenged if they attend classes via HVA?

HVA gifted students and advanced learners will have access to the districtwide enrichment clusters in addition to alternate, accelerated activities offered by the HVA GATE teachers. In addition, the HVA GATE teacher is available as a consultant to the HVA teachers to assist with challenging options for students.

Does a HVA student receive a Huntsville City Schools diploma?

Yes, HVA students receive a Huntsville City Schools diploma from their zoned school and participate in graduation with their zoned school.

Are HVA students permitted to graduate early?

Yes, students are permitted to accelerate their high school course progression. The HVA operates as a nine-month program (fall and spring terms). Students are allowed to take additional courses under the condition that they maintain the minimum pace across all currently enrolled courses. Students that graduate early have the option to participate in the graduation ceremony of the academic year coursework is completed. Students must submit the Early or Midyear Completion form with a parent’s signature no later than the semester prior to midyear completion.  This form may be obtained from the grade level school counselor.

Can an HVA student be an honor graduate?

Yes, students enrolled in the HVA are eligible for honor graduate recognition with Huntsville City Schools.

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