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Strategic Plan

Huntsville City Schools has developed a framework for a new strategic plan and we want everyone to be a part of it.  The five pillars outlined below are all supportive measures that focus on student achievement.  We hope you will join us as we strive to ensure the continued success of Huntsville City Schools.

    Inspire, engage, and empower all students in becoming creative problem solvers, active citizens, and life long learners through rigorous curriculum and relevant instruction within a supportive environment.

    • High expectations
    • Character driven
    • Student centered
    Core Values
    • Service Minded
    • Transparent
    • Resilient
    • Accountable
    • Team Focused
    • Equitable
    • Goal Oriented
    • Inclusive
    • Creative
    Pillar 1: Learning Outcomes
    Goal Action Plan

    To provide rigorous, engaging instruction to all students that facilitates problem solving and creativity, aligned to grade-level standards using innovative resources and tools.

    Division Priorities
    • To ensure that all students, regardless of level of achievement, are showing academic growth each year
    • To increase the number of students who are mastering the academic standards that are appropriate for their grade level and increase the number of students performing at and above proficiency for their grade level
    • To ensure students graduate on-time and are college and career ready
    • Focus on reading and math for all students with intention and integrity
    • Ensure students are on-track for on-time graduation by the end of 9th grade
    • Continue to expand career technical programs to align with workforce demands


    Pillar 2: Whole Student Development
    Goal Action Plan

    To provide holistic services that meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of our students.

    Division Priorities
    • Create a positive school climate for all students that encourages achievement and growth
    • Set expectations of high attendance and high engagement for all students
    • Ensure students are supported mentally and emotionally, and have appropriate guidance throughout their academic career
    • Ensure a positive school climate
    • Increase attendance rates for all students
    • Implementation of a comprehensive guidance curriculum
    Pillar 3: Professional Growth
    Goal Action Plan

    To provide for and continuously empower all employees with modern strategies and skills that will, in turn, equip students for success

    Division Priorities
    • To recruit and retain the highest quality teachers, administrators, and staff in order to provide our students with the highest quality education
    • To support, grow, and develop our teachers, administrators, and staff to have the tools they need to be successful
    • Ensure all teachers have a positive and supportive work environment
    • Increase teacher retention
    • Provide purposeful professional development that directly supports classroom instruction
    Pillar 4: Operations & Resources
    Goal Action Plan

    Ensure all Huntsville City Schools facilities are safe, while promoting conducive learning environments, maintaining appropriate financial reserves to cover all operating expenses, and setting a logistics framework for success.

    Division Priorities
    • Develop and implement processes that enable safer, more conducive learning environments in which students, faculty, and staff can efficiently, effectively, and comfortably work together to accomplish shared goals
    • Practice responsible financial management and maintain appropriate financial reserves
    • Practice efficient physical plant management
    • Practice efficient and effective deployment and support of educational technology to enable learning
    • Ensure all HCS facilities are safe and promote a conducive learning environment
    • Maintain an appropriate reserve to cover operating expenses
    Pillar 5: Community Connections
    Goal Action Plan

    Foster active and positive communication and engagement among students, staff, families, and the community in order to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged and well-informed partners.

    Division Priorities
    • Solicit feedback from community members and stakeholders
    • Inform community of triumphs and challenges facing Huntsville City Schools
    • Partner with community organizations to provide enrichment opportunities for students
    • Solicit feedback from community members and stakeholders
    • Partner with community organizations to provide enrichment opportunities for students
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